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Everything started on a summer of about 40 years ago, when Domenico Casali, known by the people of the country as Minghin of Mingaren, together with his wife Ida, had the brilliant idea to bake the piadina on the house door, now to be sold now navigated wayfarers, now the new tourists who then began to know the Bertinoro's wines and flavors.
At the beginning it was a small wooden cutting board with a terracotta pan-powered coal, then, two chairs and a table requested from the customers to enjoy better piadina and a good glass of wine, produced strictly by the same Domenico.
Slowly, a table will step on two and then three and then a room and a kitchen: Trattoria Mingaren was born.
Over the years, the restaurant was appropriate to the needs of its clients, always remaining respectful of the gastronomic traditions of the land of Romagna.
All this until 2005, when Angelo and Anna, the heirs of Mr. Domenico, decide to take a further step forward: in addition to modernize the part dedicated to food, build a new facility capable of 15 beds to satisfy the requests from clients who want to stay in a quiet hotel surrounded by the sweet green hills of Bertinoro.

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro 

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro


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Ida cooks piadina on the house door >>>

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