Mutton Chop


Mutton Chop: one of our major topics. Since the restaurant exists, many customers come to us just to taste our mutton, judging it the best ever.

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro



T-bone: our beef is breeding Romagnola but nothing has to envy to the classic Tuscan T-bone.

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro

Sausage, bacon, and pork ribs


Sausage, bacon, and pork ribs: classic dishes for everyone.

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro

Quails on the barbecue


Quails on the barbecue: This dish is part of our cousune propeller. The quails are open, seasoned and cooked on the grill. To enjoy it takes a bit of patience because the quail is not a chicken ... For lovers of the genre.

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro

Breast of turkey


Breast of turkey: for those who want to keep light

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro

Mingaren's menu


Main Courses

Our Barbeque



Restaurant's history

Ida cooks piadina on the house door >>>

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