Tagliatelle: the queen of pasta, is served with the classic meat sauce, but during the season, this can be varied with peas or stridoli (spontaneus herb).

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Tortelli: classic pasta stuffed with herbs, spinach, buttermilk curd, and may be seasoned with meat sauce, tomato sauce or alternatively with butter and sage.

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Cappelletti: Another typical pasta stuffed romagnola that may be filled with meat or buttermilk curd and parmesan. Ours are made with buttermilk curd and parmesan and usually seasoned with meat sauce, but they are also very suitable as soup.

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Strozzapreti: it's a kind of pasta obtainable knead flour and water, cut into strips, rubbed with the hands and torn in order to obtain a piece about 7-8 cm long. The may be seasoned in different ways but perhaps the better way is with the meat sauce Romagna. The name derives from the fact that in the land of Romagna has always existed an anticlericalism due to a secular domain of the Papal States that here, since the border was even more pronounced and therefore, when the "arzdore" (housewife) cook up this pasta for the priests, as well as it was also wish that they could choke.

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Gnocchi di Patate


Gnocchi di Patate: obtained knead flour and potatoes boiled, are a mere pulp, which goes very well with a meat sauce Romagna or with a good tomato sauce.

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro

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