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"Who knows Forli knows that this city stands by itself and bears no resemblance to any other city in the world. He has his own heart, his intelligence, his unique way of seeing things ... " (Antonio Beltramelli)

Forli is also known by his nickname of "Zitadon", the big town. It 's a city of Romagna, and as Dante says in De Vulgari Eloquentia, is "meditullium", the central area of Romagna. Founded according to tradition in 188 BC, is about to celebrate its 2200 years of life.
It is located a few miles from the foothills of the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines and about 30 km from the coast, its climate is tempered thanks to its proximity to the sea.
In Forli and surrounding area you can stay in hotels, cottages, bed and breakfasts scattered throughout the area, and integrated into the surrounding countryside as well as deeply rooted in local traditions.
You can start by exploring the surrounding area, nature trails, cultural or wine: The Wine Route and Taste of Bertinoro, Castrocaro and Predappio.
In Forli, you can visit the beautiful Piazza Ordelaffi where stands the Cathedral dedicated to St Mercurial. Also on the square stands the Palazzo Paolucci-Square, now the headquarters of the Prefecture. It has been built in the seventeenth century on the model of the Palazzo Farnese in Roma.
Do not miss a visit to the museum complex of San Domenico, where you can admire the Church of St. James the Apostle and the adjoining convent.
To complete the visit to Forli you can see the impressive Fortress of Ravaldino, which stands in all its glory at the end of Corso Diaz. This was built in the fourteenth century, was enlarged with the participation of Caterina Sforza, who added a large part of the castle.




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