Fratta Terme

Bertinoro has a hidden treasure at the foot of the hill in the village of Fratta.
That's a treasure of waters that flow from seven springs now enclosed in the large Parco delle Terme.
A modern complex, where the well-being, body care, beauty can be obtained, throughout water and methods and practices that respect the human nature. Around the factory has developed Fratta Terme, well-equipped resort hotels and facilities for the holiday, all faithful to the great tradition of hospitality of the land of Bertinoro.

"tettuccio" Romagna - purgative - sulfur refreshed - saline sulphurous to prevent and treat Chronic gastritis - chronic colitis - Constipation - Chronic hepatitis - gallstones - results of cholecystectomy

Sports facilities: swimming pool - football - tennis - volleyball - basketball - tennis - riding - dancing

Bath salsoiodici - rheumatic disease - primary chronic polyarthritis - uric acid arthropathy - periatriti - sequelae of joint trauma - after fractures - etc.

Solfurea Skin disorders - epidermal microbial - microbial dermatitis - teenage acne - etc.

Inhalation and sulfur salsoiodiche - chronic cold or simple chronic rhinitis - rhinitis hypertrophic, atrophic, allergic - catarrhal sinusitis, hyperplastic - adenoids chronic - chronic ethmoid - chronic pharyngitis - tonsillitis, chronic - chronic laryngitis - cough rebels with pharyngitis - dysphonia in smokers and teachers - Recurrent tracheitis - chronic catarrhal bronchitis - Allergic bronchitis - bronchial asthma - etc.

Thirteen acres of park, seven-rich sources of valuable minerals, sources encountered in walks through the green, the "trails" and again "mud" baths and thermal waters. A modern spa facility, managed with strict scientific criteria, but also committed to creating a state of complete harmony with your body through relaxation, treatments to feel healthy and beautiful. The beneficial effects of the baths become complete holiday, with the rest but also opportunities to have fun, to discover the nearby sea, hills and mountains of Romagna, countries rich in history.

Fratta waters that flow from natural springs and drilled wells, are found along the Rio Salso 3 km from the hill of Bertinoro. This water is ranging from salsoiodiche, the magnesium, iodine to salt arsenic, ferruginous and sulphurous. It' s certain that the Fratta waters were already used in Roman times, as demonstrated by various artifacts found in this area over time. An important discovery was made in 1927: it is a pit lined with brick and curved at the top of pebbles in the lower river. There is no documentation on the use of safe Fratta in the Middle Ages. Its waters come back into vogue in the early last century in the Napoleonic period by Lucio Fusignani chemical-pharmacist, and Dr. Charles Rhodes of Meldola who published the analysis in the Almanacco of the Rubicon in 1812.

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro 

Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro Ristorante Albergo Bertinoro

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